Power Plants

We provide comprehensive services, assistance in selecting suitable products, engineering and performance of special activities, professional training, etc. We supply quality products and provide full related services. We analyze problems and offer solutions in order to increase the reliability of technologies and reduce operating costs. We offer all products and services focused to the highest safety and clean environment.

  • Flange management, calculations by EN1591-1, material supply, certified training by EN1591-4
  • Tailor-made solutions, deliveries and service in the area of high-pressure hydraulics 700 bar
  • Delivery of special tools
  • Tools for opening and closing valves
  • Supplies and repairs of rail systems for rail transport
  • Gaskets for all applications, static and dynamic, rolling mills, presses ...
  • Delivery of Rathi couplings
  • Deliveries of lubrication systems and related services
  • Engineering services
  • Delivery, service and calibration of torque wrenches
  • Equipment for repairing fittings, grinding machines, pressure benches
  • Positioning, bevelling, repairs
  • Workshop tools, pullers, induction heaters, etc.