Tools for working with bearings

Tools for working with bearings

Our product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of products for the care of bearings, chains, guides, ropes, etc., so that we always ensure their correct assembly / disassembly and operation.

Single point lubricators for bearing lubrication as well as a wide range of applications. Simalube automatic single-point lubricators are adjustable from 1 to 12 months. Thanks to the unique dry cells of the gas generator, pressure is exerted on the piston, which causes the lubricant or oil to be forced out through the neck of the lubricator into the lubrication point.

Powerful induction heaters for stationary heating workplaces as well as mobile use. Simatherm induction heaters provide fast heating of metal parts, such as bearings. Induction heating of metal parts is advantageous, economical and time-saving and environmentally friendly. Simatec leads the global market for induction heaters.


Tool sets for safe and correct assembly and disassembly of bearings. The range of simatool products is developed to ensure fast, accurate and safe assembly and disassembly of bearings.